Vibo Wand

A Wand vibrator is the cornerstone of any noteworthy sex toy collection. It makes to feel to be happy, full and tingly. The Magic that this vibrator brings to you is a secret that only you are aware of. It gives a feel that is a right combo for the perfect release and everything else disappears for moments

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Butterfly Vibo

This gives a tingling and buzzing sensation by holding to the base, underneath the penis head. It delivers high amplitude oscillation unlike any other toy. A rumbling feel will be deep and throbs through head and shaft of the penis. Feels as if a volcano in human form with a release of feel good sensations

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Pro Massager

A wave smashes into the groin, wave after wave smashes over the rest of the body. The skin will feel super receptive and every hair follicle on the scalp will be felt. It  could be felt like an eruption to have no control over

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Premium Adult Toys

Intimate Indian Products

We have started on this journey, to create a premium and affordable brand, of adult wellness products that will find its way to every household in the world to give fun and joy.

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"It's incredible. I am so pleased with this product. It's really wonderful. Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free!"

Jemmie N.

"Sex Toys is the funniest, most exciting thing around, no matter where you travel! Thank you very much for your assistance."

Derrek B

I appreciate it, Intimate India. The Funniest Sexual Toys listed here are of excellent quality and should provide an enjoyable experience for both adult users.


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