Time and Space On Sex

Its time for the first blog and it has taken us quite a few days to put it together. We will be covering facts and our thoughts on the adult wellness markets and on sex in general. 

Intimate Indian was started to bring into the market a choice of products that are chosen to assist in achieving sexual orgasm. A fact is that 17 % of women have never achieved an orgasm in their lives. Wow that's a lot of women !!! 

How do we explain the union of the male and female in our species ?

  • Created by nature as an means of the survival of the species, might be the clinical term but lets discuss some of the deviations to this biological process.
  • The basic animal urge of the human to come out form behind the social veneer and screen and go to that primal place that craves to dominate the partner using sex as an means to an end. 
  • The chemical reaction between an variety of enzymes that create happy thoughts in the brain when we pursue the opposite sex. 

What ever the hypothesis, what we can see is that there is a mix of Biology - Psychology - Chemistry all difficult subjects for the normal human to understand. But instead of an scientific analysis lets see the benefits of sex.



  • No Fear When Having Sex --- During an orgasm, the parts of the brain that process fear shut down.
  • Orgasms are the best headache cure, hands down Orgasms work faster than painkillers to reduce headaches. Now you know what to do when you are suffering from that splitting headache.
  • Orgasms are the mystical fountain of youth --- Second only to regular exercise, orgasms make people appear younger.

So we do have some benefits other that the intense pleasure that simulates all the nerve ending and takes us to heights of pleasure, which is an bonus point in this deal :)

Taboo on sex should be broken and we should feel free to explore ourselves and the happiness and joy this biological body gives us. The right not to be judged for experiencing what nature intended is what we should stride for. 


Keep tuned in for further musings.