About Us

Intimate Indian was started to cater to the adult toy market in India. While there has been a lot of products that are designed and branded through the rest of the World, India which was perhaps the first country in history to dedicate temples and author books on this subject has been far lacking in today's scenario.

We have formulate an policy of selecting and presenting the best designs for enhanced pleasure couple with therapy products to those who need Assisted Orgasms. 

We have coined the term AIO for Assisted Intense Orgasm and the whole team here at Intimate Indian works with just this in mind. To make every customer experience this AIO from our products. 

Being a newbie into this industry we are planning to roll out a host of services and designs throughout the year. 


Discretion and a strong outlook to protect the privacy of our customers is something that we take very strongly. Give us a try and enjoy an AIO shout. Welcome to Intimate Indian adult super store.