How to Clean a Fleshlight?

Cleaning male sex toys like as Fleshlights is a pain in the neck... I'm not going to sugarcoat it. The skin-like substance utilised in Fleshlight toys is SuperSkin, a patented material. While it feels great on your Johnson, it's quite delicate and despises soap.

Cleaning with a fleshlight

Here's how to clean your Fleshlight toy the simplest manner possible without hurting the delicate materials it's built of:

  1. Take the SuperSkin sleeve out of the hard plastic casing first.
  2. Clean the interior and outside of the plastic case with warm soapy water.
  3. Dry the plastic case with a towel, making sure there is no moisture inside.
  4. Rinse the SuperSkin sleeve from both sides while holding it under the tap.
  5. Pour water into the sleeve, close the ends with your hands, and shake it around.
  6. While rinsing, put your fingers inside the sleeve and dislodge any trapped lube/cum.
  7. Rinse it thoroughly once more for good measure.
  8. Spray the exterior/interior of the sleeve with the approved FleshWash Cleaner Spray (optional step)

The drying of fleshlight

It's a different kettle of fish when it comes to drying your Fleshlight sleeve. These devices are notoriously difficult to dry, and returning them to their case while still moist might result in mould and mildew forming on your favourite sex toy! The disadvantage of SuperSkin is that it is difficult to maintain.

In a perfect scenario, you'd let your fleshlight sleeve air dry for 24 hours in a well-ventilated area, posing the toy so that air can easily flow through it. Some people do this by putting the toy on a radiator that isn't turned on and letting the water leak out. If you point a fan at the toy, it will dry in less than 12 hours.

However, I understand that many individuals are unable to leave Fleshlights laying around for a day due to privacy concerns. Guys on forums have a variety of Fleshlight drying methods, including homemade fleshlight drying racks that hang in a closet away from prying eyes.

This is how I speed up the drying process for fleshlight sleeves:

  1. Pat the outside dry using a dry, thin tea towel (also known as a flour sack towel).
  2. Wrap your towel around a long, thin object such as a chopstick or a pencil.
  3. Starting at the orifice end, CAREFULLY push the towel-covered chopstick through the sleeve.
  4. CAREFULLY slide the chopstick out the other side of the toy, totally removing the towel and chopstick.
  5. If necessary, repeat the process.

This is a wonderful technique to dry your fleshlight quickly without having to wait hours and hours, yet it is easy to pierce or damage the SuperSkin with this method. Using this method, I personally damaged a fleshlight sleeve, though it was still workable.


I hope you found my sex toy cleaning tutorial helpful! Dirty sex toys can spread diseases like chlamydia, herpes, syphilis, bacterial vaginosis, and more, so keep them clean and buy high-quality products from respected sex shops like SheVibe. Keeping sex toys in a clean/dusty atmosphere is also important for keeping things hygienic.